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Project 180

Our Vision:

Project 180 turns lives around through innovative, wraparound services that keep people out of jails and prisons and in their communities.

Our Work:

Project 180 operates various forensic treatment projects ranging from pre-arrest diversion, to pre-release jail in-reach, to transitional and post-release services. Projects include Co-Occurring Disorders Court (CODC) out of the Los Angeles Superior Court and an AB 109 project serving male and female realignment individuals with behavioral health and co-occurring issues. Other notable forensic treatment programs include: MIST, a community-based restoration program for defendants facing misdemeanor charges that have been deemed incompetent to stand trial and LA DOOR, a pre-arrest diversion pilot project that diverts low-level offenders in need of substance abuse and/or mental health treatment out of the criminal justice system and into treatment. Project 180 services are funded by Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH), LA County Department of Health Services (DHS), and LA County Public Health’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Control Department (SAPC). Project 180 offers intensive case management, individual and group behavior modification, therapy and substance counseling, housing, benefits support, family reunification, supportive employment, education preparation and placement, and psychiatric and medication support.