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Integrated Behavioral Health Team (IBHT)

With the goal of providing accessible integrated care to the community, IBHT is co-located onsite at Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC) in Los Angeles. IBHT collaborates with each client’s health care team to provide behavioral health and case management services. Notably, all IBHT staff are bi-lingual Spanish speaking, enhancing opportunities for limited English proficient (LEP) Spanish speakers in the community to access high-quality behavioral health services.

Our Vision:

The Integrated Behavioral Health Team (IBHT) aims to ensure behavioral healthcare services are more readily accessible and available to those who need it.

Our Work:

IBHT is committed to ensuring everyone has access to quality behavioral healthcare. IBHT co-locates at various healthcare providers throughout Los Angeles, facilitating collaboration between an individual’s primary care provider and their behavioral healthcare team. This process effectively removes barriers to an individual’s ability to access care, ensuring higher quality healthcare services and removing barriers such as time and cost that often impede upon a person’s ability to receive needed care. The Integrated Behavioral Health Team is dedicated to providing seamless, high-quality, holistic care to community members, offering services that include case management, behavioral healthcare services and referrals, including funding support from the Department of Mental Health to provide Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) services. All IBHT staff are bilingual Spanish speaking, further enhancing the divisions capacity to serve as a resource to the vast population of monolingual and limited English proficient (LEP) Spanish speakers in the Los Angeles community.