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Asian Pacific Counseling & Treatment Centers (APCTC)

Asian Pacific Counseling & Treatment Centers (APCTC)

Our Vision:

We aim to bridge gaps between clients and mainstream healthcare settings, ensuring the communities we serve are treated with respect and utmost regard for their dignity, privacy, and well-being.

Our Work:

APCTC continues to make the hope of wellness and recovery into a reality. The program provides behavioral health services for children, families, adults, and older adults to API ethnic groups across Los Angeles and Riverside counties. APCTC takes a multi-disciplinary and culturally sensitive approach to address the psychological and social needs of our clients. Our mental health professionals work as a team to meet clients’ needs that may be compounded by language and cultural barriers. The goals of our teams are to provide effective treatment in order to reduce psychiatric symptoms, alleviate psychological distress, and to improve functioning levels. As part of APCTC’s advocacy priority, our program also systematically maintain and develop effective strategies to meet specific community and individual client needs.