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Special service for groups is a non-profit health and human service organization dedicated to building and sustaining community-based programs that address the needs of vulnerable communities.

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Occupational Therapy Ranked Among Top 20 Best Healthcare Careers

April 7, 2017 Have you always known that you wanted to work in health care, but just didn't know "where" in health care? According to a recent U.S. News report, Occupational Therapy (OT) ranks #18 in best health care jobs. Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer multiple benefits such as salary, job market, future growth and work life balance. Occupational therapy offers a career that focuses on helping others to build vitally important life skills at any age. U.S. News offered a lovely comparison to another very popular career path: "Physical therapy teaches people how to walk, and occupational therapy teaches them how to dance."The job market for occupational therapists is at an exciting point and SSG proudly offers opportunities in this field through our Occupational Therapy Treatment Programs in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our occupational therapists work with clients to create a plan to work toward their life goals, while simultaneously being a part of their overall healing and growth process.

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Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS)

Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS)

Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS) offers an integrated approach to addressing mental health issues, substance abuse treatment, reentry needs and homeless and housing assistance. HOPICS is currently the lead agency for the SPA 6 homeless Coordinated Entry System, as well as the Gateway into CES Access Center. Services are provided to individuals and families in South Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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