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Special service for groups is a non-profit health and human service organization dedicated to building and sustaining community-based programs that address the needs of vulnerable communities.

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New California Law Will Disaggregate Health Data On Asians

November 1, 2016 A new law was recently passed that will allow the California Department of Public Health to add 10 new categories of Asian ethnic groups that includes a population of close to half a million people. There is currently data for only a limited number of categories for examining health trends among this group leading to limited data on rates such as death, disease and pregnancy. Our communities will soon be able to self-report their ethnic group more specifically and accurately, when before the category of “other Asian” might have been the only option. This opportunity to collect new specific data will increase the state’s ability to provide the best health care to these populations. SSG division Research & Evaluation Team has been ahead of the game when it comes to acknowledging the diversity within Asian ethnic groups.

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Integrated Behavioral Health Team (IBHT)

Integrated Behavioral Health Team

Our featured program, Integrated Behavioral Health Team (IBHT) was established in January 2013 to lead the expansion of behavioral health services integrated with primary care, as well as to serve as a central access point to referral and screening for all the behavioral health divisions of SSG. Currently, the SSG IBHT works with local clinics to deliver behavioral health services in close collaboration with the primary care providers, including proposed partner Central City Community Health Center. IBHT also accepts referrals for behavioral health services from local community-based housing and human service organizations.

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