List of All Programs & Services

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Asian Pacific Counseling & Treatment Centers (APCTC)


Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement (APIFM)

AP Recovery

Benefits Assistance Clients’ Urban Project (BACUP)

Children’s Dental and Outreach Project (CDOP)

Compton Referral Service Project (CRS)

Faith In Communities (FIC)

Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS)

Integrated Behavioral Health Team

Occupational Therapy Training Program – Los Angeles (OTTP-LA)

Occupational Therapy Training Program – San Francisco (OTTP-SF)

Pacific Asian Alcohol and Drug Program (PAADP)

PALS for Health (PALS)

Parents Neighborhood Youth Program (PNYP)

Project 180

Research & Evaluation Team (R&E)

SSG Sustaining Independent Lives with Vital Empowering Resources (SILVER)
*Formerly Older Adults Division (OAD)

Stepdown Programs for Special Needs Populations (IMD Stepdown Programs)

Sustainable Urban Revitalization (SURV)

Tongan Community Service Center (TCSC)

Weber Community Center