Programs & Services

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Special Service for Groups designs and operates innovative solutions to community problems. SSG currently operates over 20 programs that range in size, target population and scope. Below is a description of SSG’s program areas.


SSG’s advocacy programs are designed to empower individuals and families to engage and resolve critical challenges affecting their communities. These programs’ advocacy efforts promote positive and just environments for vulnerable populations and enable individuals to live life to its fullest. Read more >>

Capacity Building

SSG’s capacity building and technical assistance programs are designed to strengthen the ability of SSG programs, community-based organizations, community members and stakeholders to make a significant and positive impact on lives of the individuals and communities we serve. Read more >>

Children, Youth and Families

SSG serves at-risk, economically disadvantaged children, youth and families across various racial/ethnic and age groups at service sites located throughout the region. All programs are designed to strengthen families so that they may lead healthy, fulfilled and successful lives. Read more >>

Forensic Treatment/Criminal Justice

SSG’s forensic treatment and criminal justice programs offer services in the jail/prison and community settings. SSG provides services to offenders and ex-offenders, as well as youth at-risk of offending. Services are designed to facilitate reintegration into the community in a way that decreases recidivism, brings families together and improves quality of life. Read more >>


SSG’s health programs are designed to build healthier communities by addressing chronic disease and barriers to care. Our health programming offers a continuum of prevention and health services for individuals and families. Read more >>

Homeless/Safety Net/Basic Needs

SSG’s homeless/safety net/basic needs programs offer a variety of services designed to meet the client’s immediate need for food and shelter, while also identifying and strengthening individual and family resources that promote greater self-sufficiency and long-term stability. Read more >>


SSG’s housing programs are designed to develop sustainable housing for low-income individuals and to increase access to affordable, supportive housing for individuals living with mental illness. Read more >>

Mental Health

SSG’s mental health programs are designed to decrease mental health disparities and improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations. A variety of programs offer innovative, comprehensive and culturally appropriate services to advance the wellness of diverse communities. Read more >>

Older Adults

SSG’s programs for the older adult population are designed to reduce health and mental health disparities for low-income older adults and family caregivers. Our older adult services are provided to individuals from various racial and ethnic backgrounds throughout Los Angeles County. Read more >>

Substance Abuse

SSG’s substance abuse programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of the community through high quality and innovative services. Programs provide an array of services related to prevention, treatment and recovery. Read more >>

Workforce Development

SSG’s workforce development programs are designed to help youth, young adults and adults gain the skills needed to become productive and independent members of society. Read more >>