1. Community-Campus Partnerships for Health

    October 04, 2012 On October 11, SSG’s R&E Team hosted the first planning meeting of a National Institutes of Health research study on community-based processes for research ethics review. This is a collaborative study headed by Community-Campus Partnerships for Health and the University of New England.SSG was invited to be one of 5 community partners because of the contributions our Institutional Review Board (IRB) has made to the field of research ethics.Other community partners include SSG’s long-time partner Guam Communications Network and Papa Ola Lokahi (whose IRB was a model for our own), as well as Center for Community Health Education Research and Service (Boston) and the North Carolina American Indian Health Board.To read more SSG news and events, view current and past issues of the SSG Newsletter: Connecting The Dots.

  1. SSG/Project 180 and California’s Criminal Justice Realignment Program

    September 1, 2012 SSG/Project 180’s comprehensive re-entry program was mentioned in Scott Schafer’s In Calif., Some Ex-Inmates Get Help In New Ways, which aired on NPR on August 30, 2012. Under California’s criminal justice realignment program, community-based social service programs, such as Project 180, are working with law enforcement in new and creative ways to serve former inmates with a history of mental illness. For more on SSG’s Forensic Treatment/Criminal Justice programs, click here.