2017 Newsletters

The SSG bi-monthly newsletter, “Connecting the Dots” features highlights and accomplishments of SSG staff and program participants with information that impacts the diverse communities SSG serves.  The SSG newsletter name references our logo: The circles of ‘dots’ in the SSG logo shine independently and at the same time, are part of a cohesive whole. They are a symbol of the family of diverse programs and services that make SSG such a unique organization.

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Note: Newsletter versions on the website are revised to omit employee personal information.

Connecting the Dots: January – February 2017 (PDF)

Connecting the Dots: March – April 2017 (PDF)

Connecting the Dots: May – June 2017 (PDF)

Connecting the Dots: July – August 2017 (PDF)

Connecting the Dots: September – October 2017 (PDF)

Connecting the Dots: November – December 2017 (PDF)